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5+ million Texas Longhorns fans in Texas  


Texas Longhorns Fans

In Texas, there are 5+ million Longhorns fans. We can help you reach your ideal target market.


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Our fans are smart, refined, savvy, and they love the Longhorns!

Fans are deeply into sports, fitness, and wellness. They are business professionals, avid investors in finance and real estate, travel buffs, informed readers, art lovers, and home remodelers. They take their cars seriously, just like their music and their food; they know they are meant to be enjoyed, savored, and experienced.


We reach fans in Texas, US, and world

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We connect and engage with fans every day across all our channels. Texas has our biggest fan base, but fans come from everywhere.

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Fans visit our website daily from every corner of Texas, all around the US, and the world.

Multiple advertising opportunities including:
- banner ads
- sponsored articles
- videos
- podcasts
- special landing pages


Digital Magazine App

Coming August 2020
Fans enjoy a rich engaging experience in the Digital Magazine App. 

Make connectons with fans utilizing:
- Images
- click to buy 
- videos
- podcasts
- articles


Horns Illustrated Emails

During the season we send out 1 -2 emails (opt'd into) a week to keep fans updated on games, teams, and players.  

Advertisers can sponsor broadcasts and join in the excitement each week brings.


Social Media

We join the conversation with a mission to echo the heartbeat of the University of Texas teams, coaches, players, fans, and students.

Advertisers get access to our 150k+ social media audience.

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