08 Dec



2020 Meals – Quick and Affordable Healthy Meal Plans

A great startup by the name of 2020 Meals, named as such due to the weekly shopping list being only 20 ingredients and taking only 20 minutes or less to cook, is a great innovative service that, as they put it, lets you “take meal planning off your plate so you can stop stressing!” Founded by foodie Kamryn Walden, 2020 Meals “brings excitement and practicality to meal planning.” How does it all work? As they state on their site, “Our plan helps to save time & waste nothing while providing 3 healthy, flavorful, recipes a day with 20 core ingredients per week.” Gone are the days that you’re walking around aimlessly in the supermarket, picking up unhealthy snacks one after another.

The practical and interactive approach of 2020 Meals ensures you stay on track – but not in that old-fashioned boring way (let’s just say you won’t be staring at a raw carrot sitting on your plate), as they say “We want to obliterate that negative internal dialogue that dominates so many of us and empower people to work out, eat clean, and take back your precious YOU time!”


The team at 2020 Meals have a variety of membership options, both available monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly (savings, yay!). All of the plans include easy shopping lists, new weekly menus and meals already organized just for you! They also have an amazing interactive meal planner as well as alternate meal options to mix things up even more. All of these plans come without contracts so you are free to cancel at any time.

Here are some of our favorite recipes

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Check them out at 2020meals.com and pick the plan that fits your budget! Also, be sure to like them on Facebook!