So You're craving a football depth chart to learn who’s the backup right guard? Sorry. You’re not going to get your fix for a long time.

Brown reiterated March 6 at a news conference that the only ones who need to know about the depth chart are those in the pads and helmets on the field. “We’ll have more of a depth chart with [the players] than we will with you,” Brown told the media. “You’d like for us to throw a one, two and three out there so you can discuss it, and it’s not about you. It’s about the kids and what’s best for them.” Safety Kenny Vaccaro, defensive end Alex Okafor and wide receiver Jaxon Shipley — just to name three at random — will obviously start. But Brown said he’s looking for at least 19 more to build the kind of depth that helped Texas to nine straight seasons of double-digit victories. “We want 22 first-teamers,” he said. “We’d like to motivate them, and we’d like for them to feel like there’s a chance for them to play.” Brown also added the players “are told every day where they stand.” But don’t expect the public to know until the week of Sept. 1, when the Longhorns open the 2012 season against Wyoming.

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