There's a reason that Roppolo's will move into the sanctified air of our Top 5 Pizza joints in the upcoming Pizza Wars on http://www.diningoutwithrobbalon.com. Marc Roppolo has ramped up his pies to where his restaurant has joined the upper echelon. He has a new, three-level dining emporium on 6th St., and is the perfect spot to grab a bite after the game.

The menu is simple at Roppolo's and I like that. I always say, “Do what you know and do it well.” And man, do they do the Godfather Pizza well. The pizza is huge, and includes sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, beef and bacon. It's a dream for meat lovers. The key is the crust: crisp on the outside, slightly moist and a bit charred on the bottom. The sauce is spot on. This, my friends, is a pizza.

And don't overlook the calzone. This may be the best…
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