FEATURE – Five Who Thrive, Anne Marie Hartung


Texas Women's Basketball, Anne Marie Hartung

Hard work and commitment for the Texas women’s basketball team went hand-in-hand as the team battled their way through a series of losses this season. But the persistent work on the court is a breeze compared to the daily rigors of a farm. Just ask sophomore forward Anne Marie Hartung who grew up on a farm in Missouri, accomplishing more before sunrise than most people do all day.

Hartung’s grind in the barn was important to her family back home and is equally important for the Longhorns. Her ability to put in the hard work was on display as Texas inserted her into the starting lineup, adding a fire to the Longhorns’ march into the NCAA tournament.

Although she thrived in her role as a bench player, Hartung immediately energized her teammates with her passion and stick-to-it attitude. She also gave the Longhorns a high-post scoring threat. “Anne Marie gives…
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