FEATURE – The Tie That Binds


Like most professional athletes, Kevin Durant expects the media to ask the same series of questions at every press conference, and at every interview. After spending the last five years in the spotlight, he’s now a seasoned veteran when it comes to handling a group of journalists. He can easily produce error-free comments and answers without a blink of an eye.

But when Horns Illustrated approached the former Longhorn about his relationship with fellow UT product and current teammate Royal Ivey, Durant perked up. He knew the line of questioning would clearly deviate from the standard, “When did you start playing basketball?”

Durant quickly delved into details of his relationship with Ivey, even referring to him as a brother. “I want him on the team for the rest of my career,” Durant says. “I enjoy talking to him every single day — not just about basketball — but about everything. We have…
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