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Game 2: No. 10 Texas Baseball vs Baylor

Game 2 Texas Baseball vs Baylor

Game 2 Texas Baseball vs Baylor (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

AUSTIN, Texas - On a perfect Saturday with a breeze blowing toward left field, partly sunny, and 81 degrees, No. 10 Texas Baseball plays Baylor in game two. Game one Texas was a slugfest for Texas scoring 20 runs on 20 hits to Baylor's one run.

Game Summary

No. 10 Texas Baseball bats continue to crush the ball against Baylor for the second win in the series, 13-4. Tristen Stevens gets the win. Stevens pitches six and two-thirds innings, faced 29 batters, threw 96 pitches (62 strikes) struck out seven, and gave up four runs.

Trey Faltine continued his batting dominance going 3-3 with a 427' home run. Douglas Hodo III went 3-4, adding a home run, four RBI. Ivan Melendez hit another home run, scores three runs, and two RBI. Silas Ardoin also knocked one out of the park and went 2-4. Skyler Messinger had a productive afternoon going 3-4, scoring two, a double, and two RBI.


3:57 P.M. Texas: 13 | Baylor: 4

9th Inning

#36 Daniel Blair on mound for Texas

- Jacob Schoenvogel grounder to 1b, Melendez picks up the ball 2" from bag.
- Antonio Valdez grounder to ss (Faltine) out #2
- Jack Pineda grounder to 3b (Messinger) for FINAL out #3 of the game. LONGHORNS WIN!

3:49 P.M. Texas: 13 | Baylor: 4

Bottom of 8th

- #27 Jack O'Dowd grounds out to 1b
- Trey Faltine single - line shot over 2b reach into right center
- Douglas Hodo III flies out to center
- Austin Todd grounds to 2b, Faltine out at 2b for out #3

3:39 P.M. Texas: 13 | Baylor: 4

8th Inning

#57 Lebarron Johnson on mound for Texas

- Kyle Nevin grounds out to 2b (Daly)
- Casen Neumann {{STRIKES OUT}}
- Chase Wehsener walks
- Cardoza-Oquendo grounds out to 3b (Messinger)

3:20 P.M. Texas: 13 | Baylor: 4

Bottom of 7th

- Trey Faltine walks
- Douglas Hodo III - 434' 103mph off the bat {{{ HOME RUN }}}
- Austin Todd flies out
- Ivan Melendez hit by pitch
- Murphy Stehly - line shot to ss out #2
- Silas Ardoin walked
- Skyler Messinger RBI single to right, Melendez scores

Baylor pitching change: RH Blake Helton

- pinch hitting #6 Gavid Kash strikes out

3:07 P.M. Texas: 10 | Baylor: 4

7th Inning

- Schoenvogel flies out to left
- Harrison Caley singled to right
- Jack Pineda walks (BBBKB)
- Tre Richardson fielders choice, safe at 1b, runner (Pineda out at 2nd).

Texas pitching change - Tristan Steven gets standing ovation from Texas fans

Luke Harrison on mound for Texas

- Jered McKenzie {{STRIKES OUT}}


2:54 P.M. Texas: 10 | Baylor: 4

Bottom of 6th

- Ivan Melendez lines out to ss
- Murphy Stehly doubles to corner in left field
- Silas Ardoin - 413' {{{ HOME RUN }}} 106 mph off the bat
- Dylan Campbell single to left field
- Mitchell Daly strikes out swinging

2:41 P.M. Texas: 8 | Baylor: 4

6th Inning -
Offiicial Attendace: 7,177

- Jared McKenzie home run right field
- Kyle Nevin hit, single to center
- dh Casen Neumann {{STRIKES OUT}} #6 for Tristan Stevens
- Chase Wehsener {{STRIKES OUT}}, Nevin steals 2b.
- Caroza-Oque grounds out to 2b out #3

2:33 P.M. Texas: 8 | Baylor: 3

Bottom of 5th

- Skyler Messinger double to center
- Dylan Campbell flies out to center
- Mitchell Daly strikes out looking
- Trey Faltine - foul ball causes coach Pierce to perform a gymnastics move in 3b coaches box

FALTINE {{{ HOME RUN }}} 427'

- Douglas Hodo III mile high popup over the plate, catcher misses, ball drops, safe on 1st
- Austin Todd hard grounder to 3b, snagged, throw to 1b good for out #3.

2:15 P.M. Texas: 6 | Baylor: 3

5th Inning

- Jacob Schoenvogel single to center
- Harrison Caley grounds to ss (Faltine) tosses to 2b (Daly) out #1, to (Melendez) safe at 1b
- Jack Pineda flies out to center
- Tre Richardson slow bouncing grounder to 3b (Messinger) throw to 1b (Melendez) for out #3

2:02 P.M. Texas: 6 | Baylor: 3

Bottom of 4th

- Mitchell Daly doubles to right field
- Trey Faltine singles to center
- Douglas Hodo III singles - off 3rd baseman's glove, Daly scores.
- Austin Todd bunt single, error on throw to first, Todd runs to 2nd, thrown out. Faltine cores.
- Ivan Melendez {{{ HOME RUN }}} #19
- Murphy Stehly flies out to left
- Silas Ardoin flies out to 2b.

1:58 P.M. Texas: 2 | Baylor: 3

4th Inning

Neuman ((STRIKES OUT}} 4th K for Tristan Stevens
- Wehsener {{STRIKES OUT}} 5th K for Tristan Stevens
- Cardoza-Oque grounds out to ss Trey Faltine for out #3

1:49 P.M. Texas: 2 | Baylor: 3

Bottom of 3rd

- Ivan Melendez: walks
- Murphy Stehly: line drive left field (out)
- Silas Ardoin: doubles to deep center

(runners on 2nd & 3rd, 1 out)

- Skyler Messinger: sacrifice fly out, Melendez scores.

1:40 P.M. Texas: 1 | Baylor: 3

3rd Inning

Pineda flies out
Richardson {{STRIKES OUT}}
McKenzie HOME RUN to left field
Nevin lines out to Trey Faltine

1:29 P.M. Texas: 1 | Baylor: 2

Bottom of 2nd

Skyler Messinger singles to center
Dylan Campbell walks
Mitchell Daly SAC bunt, runners advance
Douglas Hodo III flies out to right, Messinger tags from 3rd and scores.
Austin Todd: line shot to deep center (out #3)

1:19 P.M. Texas: 0 | Baylor: 2

2nd Inning

Nevin singled to left center
Neumann singled right side
Wehsener singed to right side, Nevin scores
Cardoze-Oque grounds out (bunt) runners advance
Schoenvogel grounds out, Neumann scores

1:10 P.M. Texas: 0 | Baylor: 0

Bottom of 1st

Douglas Hodo III walks
Austin Todd grounds out, Hodo III to 2nd
Ivan Melendez at plate: hit by pitch
Murphy Stehly: flies out to left field
Silas Ardoin:

1st Inning

1st Inning #35 Tristan Stevens on mound

ss #2 Jack Pineda pops up to 2b (Daly) out #1
2b #0 Tre Richardson grounds out to 3b (Messinger to Melendez out #2)
cf #18 Jared McKenzie {{STRIKES OUT}}

4/23/22 1:00 p.m.

Game 2: No. 10 Texas Baseball vs Baylor

AUSTIN, Texas - On a perfect Saturday with a breeze blowing toward left field, partly sunny, and 81 degrees, No. 10 Texas Baseball plays Baylor in game two.


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