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How close was Pete Hansen to a no-hitter against TCU

Pete Hansen goes the distance against TCU
Pete Hansen was just 5 pitches from a no-hitter. (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

AUSTIN, Texas — In his first complete game of the season, going all nine innings, left-hander Pete Hansen pitched one of his, if not the, best games of his season.

Hansen faced 30 TCU batters, threw 114 pitches (76 where strikes). There were 11 batters who grounded out, four flew out, 12 struck out, and two got a hit. Well, one recorded hit was actually a walk. Hansen threw four consecutive balls in the sixth inning to TCU left-fielder Garrison Berkley for a walk.

After Berkley walked (recorded as a hit by rule), Elijah Nunez went 3-2 against Hansen before he singled to left field which advanced Berkley to second. This would be as far as TCU got the entire game. 

That is how close Hansen came to throwing a no-hitter. Two batters in the top of the sixth, one was a walk (again, recorded as a hit), and the other a solid single after going 3-2 (BKBKB).

Here is Hansen’s pitch cadence for the game:


In the postgame interview, we asked Hansen if he had prepared differently for today's game. Hansen replied, “No, not really. I just kept with my routine and training the coaches have me on.”

It is important to note that while Pete Hansen pitched one of his best games, his teammates had a massive impact on getting the win for Hansen and ultimately for Texas Baseball.

He 🆆🅴🅽🆃 the distance. 🍰

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Originally tweeted by Texas Baseball (@TexasBaseball) on April 9, 2022.

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