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It is official, mostly:Card starts Saturday

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Coach Sarkisian smiles ear-to-ear when asked about his parents at LHN news conference

AUSTIN, Texas - It is official, mostly. Steve Sarkisian announced that freshman quarterback Hudson Card will be the starter on Saturday against the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns.

“Hudson earned the right to start”, Sarkisian said confidently..

Casey Thompson will be playing in the game without question. When will Thompson be put into the game or for how long? Sarkisian has not made definitive decisions.

After the news conference, there was no sense that Card would be the starting quarterback like Sam Ehlinger was the starting quarterback. It is just for the first game.

Coach Sarkisian reminded his players that the quarterback position is not the most important position on the team. In fact, against Louisiana, Sarkisian believes it gets decided at the lines, both offense and defense. During the third and fourth quarters after playing in 100 degree heat will determine which team wins.

Sports is about family, football is about family, and Texas is about family. Saturday will be a special day for families who come out to watch Texas football at DKR.

We asked coach Sarkisian if he talked with his parents. His face lit up, with a smile ear-to-ear he says, “The one thing about my parents, I’m still their baby”.

Listen in. It is a great family story every parent will instantly understand. Hello from Texas Dad & Mom Sarkisian. We know you are watching, your son told us. Thank you!

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