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Texas Baseball falls to TCU in game two, 7-5

#8 Dylan Campbell hits 2 HR's against TCU

#8 Dylan Campbell hits 2 HR's against TCU (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

AUSTIN, Texas - No. 7 Texas Baseball hosts No. 23 TCU for Game Two at UFCU Disch-Falk Field. Tristan Stevens is the starting pitcher. Perfect day for Texas Baseball. Weather is sunny 85 degrees. Here you will find the game recap and inning-by-inning breakdown. Plus video and pictures of the crowd making memories.

Bevo at Texas Baseball (photo Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated)

TCU: 7 | Texas: 5

Official Attendance: 7323

No. 7 Texas Baseball could not bounce back from No. 23 TCU's first and second innings and takes the loss in game two, 7-5. TCU came out swinging against Tristan Stevens with three runs in the first inning, and again in the second giving TCU a 6-2 lead going into the third inning.

In the fourth inning, Texas scored two runs when Dylan Campbell hits a ball 383 feet for a {{ HOME RUN }} over right field. Dylan hit another {{ HOME RUN }} to start the ninth, and give the starting lineup a chance to pull out a win. Campbell also had four RBI on the night.

Texas needed to use their bullpen to keep TCU from running away from the game and did an outstanding job. Tristan Stevens pitched two inning, faced 15 batters, gave up three doubles, a home run, and threw one strike out. Aaron Nixon came in and immediately struck out two and walked two. Marcus Olivarez faced five TCU batters, threw 22 pitches, 11 for strikes that held TCU at bay. Luke Harrison came in for two innings, faced nine batters, struck out two, and gave up three hits. Jared Southard came in for Harrison and as Harrison was walking to the dugout, the crowd applauded him for this pitching.

At the end of the game after the stands were clear, there were two players alone in the dugout. Tristan Stevens and Ivan Melendez. Coach Pierce spent time with Stevens.

Ivan Melendez was in deep thought staring toward to the field. He looked introspective. Melendez then stood up, walked over picked up his bat and glove, shook it off, and walked out of the dugout and immediately started signing autographs for fans. It was a moment that told us more about Melendez's character and commitment to Texas fans.

Ivan Melendez gives back to fans signing autographs after the TCU loss. (photo Horns Illustrated)

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Game Inning by Inning

Bottom of 9th

Leading off Dylan Campbell...#TEXASFIGHT time...{{ HOME RUN }} right field 354 ft. Douglas Hodo III at plate...takes 2 strikes, grounds out to pitcher. Murphy Stehly at plate...Texas Crowd on their feet. Stehly walks. (1 out, runner on 1st) Ivan Melendez at plate...hits into a double play to end the game. TCU wins. WAIT - There is a review....

9th Inning

Bishop flies out to right. Rodgers hard sinking line drive to center field. Douglas Hodo III snags it for the out. Sacco doubles to right. (2 outs runner on 2nd) RBI double for Byrne scoring Sacco. Boyers at plate...popup to center field for 3rd out. Here we go into the bottom of the 9th...

Bottom of 8th

Austin Todd at plate...mile high popup down 3b line for out. Trey Faltine at plate...grounds out. Messinger singles up the middle. Daly at plate...flied out.

8th Inning

#49 Jared Southard still pitching for Texas. TCU sends #22 to pinch hit Logan Maxwell...high fly ball to center for out #1. Nunez at plate...his 5th plate appearance. Slow shot to Skyler Messinger, backhand catch over 3b, long throw to Melendez for the OUT. Taylor at plate {STRIKES OUT}.

.@jrodsouth10 bringing it in the 8th! 🔥

Horns need a rally, trailing this one, 6-4.



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Bottom of 7th

Mr. Slugger Murphy Stehly at plate... (avg .447) flied out to center. Melendez grounds out to 3b. Silas Ardoin at plate...line drive to deep right for out #3. 3 ⬆️ 3 ⬇️.

7th Inning

Luke Harrison still pitching for Texas. Sacco at plate...goes 3-3 with a lead off single to center. Sacco steals 2nd base (his 2nd of the game). Silas had to throw on his knees, not close. Byrne at plate...hits ground to Trey Faltine who {smartly} throws to 2nd to get Sacco out at 2nd. Byrne reaches on fielders choice. Boyers line drive to right who rifles it to Faltine to cutoff Byrne from going to 3rd. [Pierce to mound] [Texas pitching change: #49 Jared Southard on the mound] Crowd applauses Luke Harrison as he leaves the mound. Speaker grounds to Trey Faltine who tosses it to Mitchell Daly for one out, he throws to Melendez for a {DOUBLE PLAY} to end the inning.

Bottom of 6th

Skyler Messinger at plate...line drive to center, out. Mitchell Daly at plate... grounds out to shortstop. #8 Dylan Campbell (Mr. 383) at plate...hit by pitch. Hodo III pops up behind first base shallow right field for 3rd out.

6th Inning

Nunez bunts to Harrison, throwing error gets him to 2nd. Taylor flies out to left field, Nunez advances to 3rd. Bishop {STRIKES OUT} Rodgers grounds out to shortstop, throw to Melendez off base, Melendez tags Rodgers with ball at top of glove. Texas defense is holding TCU.

Attendex 7323

Bottom of 5th

Ivan Melendez at plate...strikes out. Ardoin singles to right, wild pitch gets him to 2nd. Austin Todd ground out to shortstop. Trey Faltine at plate...grounds out to 2b for out #3.

5th Inning

Sacco walks (BBBB), Byrne singles to left. Boyers grounds out to first Melendez, tosses to Olivarez for out. Runners advance. Texas has a pitching change...[Luke Harrison on the mound] Runners on 2nd & 3rd, 1 out) Spenrath {STRIKES OUT}. Berkley grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine to Melendez for out # 3.

Chris Del Conte Announces

The moment @_delconte tells you your jersey is getting retired. 👏🤘


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In his time on the Forty Acres, Taylor Jungmann dominated college baseball, winning the Dick Howser Trophy in 2011 as the nation’s best player.

Now, his No. 26 jersey will be retired at Texas forever.

Congratulations, Taylor.

http://hookem.at/5f0e82 🤘


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Bottom of 4th

Messing grounds out to shortstop. Mitchell Daly at plate...walks (SBBKFBB). At plate, Dylan Campbell...{{ HOME RUN }} to left field 383 ft. Hodo III at plate...grounds out. Murphy Stehly grounds out.





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Dylan Campbell hits {{ HOME RUN }} against TCU game 2 (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

4th Inning

Aaron Nixon still on the mound. Nunez at plate...walks (BBBB), Taylor takes 3 (BBB) and Texas HC Pierce visits the mound. Taylor walks (no outs, runners on 1st & 2nd). New pitcher for Texas #46 Marcus Olivarez. Bishop flies out...Rodgers hit line shot to double play to Melendez, throws to Faltine, than back to Olivarez who covered first. DOUBLE PLAY to get out of the inning without any runs.

Bottom of 3rd

Murphy Stehly at plate...big swing, just foul...next pitch high popup to shallow center for out. Ivan Melendez at plate...bouncer to 3b, out at first. Silas Ardon at plate...takes 4 (BBBB) for walk (2 out). Austin Todd at plate...takes 4 (BBBB) walk, (runners on 1st & 2nd, 2outs) Trey Faltine at plate...goes down swinging (KSBBS).

3rd Inning

#41 Aaron Nixon replaces Stevens on the mound...3 ⬆️ 3 ⬇️ - first batter grounds out, second batter {STRIKEOUT}, third batter {STRIKEOUT} #HookEm

Bottom of 2nd

Trey Faltine at the plate...singles to left field. #5 Skyler Messinger (Avg: .364) (TCU pitcher trying to keep Faltine on first with 2 throws over)...full count on Messinger...line shot to right field for a single. Faltine to 2nd (no outs). Murphy Daly at the plate...hit bouncing slow roller just past pitcher to shortstop, throw gets Daly at first, advances Messinger to 2nd, Faltine to 3rd...Dylan Campbell at the plate...high fly ball to left field for the out, Faltine tags and then scores. Top of the order, Douglas Hodo III at the plate...first pitch hit to center field.

2nd Inning

Spenrath doubles to left, Brown singled to shortstop (runners on 1st & 2nd no outs)...Nunez at the plate...wicked bunt, smart play by Ardoin. Melendez charging the bunt, Daly covered first for out. Runners advance to 2nd and 3rd. Taylor hits first ball over the fence in right for a homerun scoring 3. Bishop at the plate...grounds out to Messinger. Rodgers hits single between first and second. Sacco doubles with a blooper to shallow left field. Faltine dives, misses and ball bounces out of reach. (runners on 2nd and 3rd, 2 outs0 Byrne hits a shot toward Melendez who dives and snags the ball, tosses to Stevens for the 3rd out. Whew! Stevens has faced 15 batters, thrown 47, 36 were strikes,

Bottom of 1st

Center fielder #7 Douglas Hodo III at the plate...flied out to semi-deep center. Murphy Stehly at the plate...{{ HOME RUN }}. Ivan Melendez at the plate...walks (BKBBB). Silas Ardoin at the plate...mile high popup to shallow right, out. Austin Todd at the plate...ground out to shortstop.


@MurphyStehly hits his 10th of the year to get us on the board!



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Shadows on the mound with the lights shadow behind him (photo Horns Illustrated)

1st Inning

Nunez signed to deep second base, the throw just missed. Nunez safe. Taylor hits first pitch deep corner of left field for a double. (Runners on 2nd & 3rd). Bishop at the plate...{STRIKES OUT} (BFFFS). Rodgers at the plate...grounds out to Melendez at first, TCU Nunez scores. Sacco singled to left bringing home Taylor. Sacco steals second, Ardoin's throw bounces into center field allowing Sacco to advance to third. (2 outs, runner on 3rd) Byrne at plate...long fly ball to deep left center, dropped by Dylan Campbell. Runner scored, Byrne to second. Boyers at the plate... grounds out to 1b Melendez for the 3rd out.

Photo Gallery from Jose Mendez / Horns Illustrated

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