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Texas Longhorns: Predictions for the Season Opener


Trying to predict the outcome of any game, in any sport is not easy. There are so many factors that come into play. Who starts, injuries, big plays, broken plays are just a few things that come into mind when I think of the things that can sway the game. That said, most people will tell you that they fully expect the Texas Longhorns to hit on all cylinders against The New Mexico State Aggies.

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It's nothing against New Mexico State, but considering that they were one of the FBS' worst teams in 2012, Longhorn fans expect victory. Jonathan Woo from the Bleacher Report agrees and adds some predictions for Saturday's opener.


Against one of the FBS' worst, the 'Horns offense should look productive. It will be far from a well-oiled machine, but Texas simply has too much talent and speed not to explode for big numbers.

Total Offense: 500 yards
Passing Yards: 290 yards
Rushing Yards: 210 yards
Points Scored: 52
Giveaways: 0

Ash will have a productive night and will take advantage of all of his weapons. Sophomore running back Johnathan Gray will lead the charge in the backfield, but Malcolm Brown, Joe Bergeron and Daje Johnson will all have significant impacts. In fact, Gray may be the least-favored of the four to score a touchdown.

Junior receiver Jaxon Shipley may sit out this weekend while he continues to recover from hip surgery, but Ash will have senior Mike Davis to throw to, a connection that can only get better as the season progresses.

Davis will be good for at least 100 yards and a score, if not two.

In the turnover game, the Longhorns were one of the better teams in protecting the football, and we will see that ball security come through again.

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