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Texas Tech puts rear naked choke on Texas defense

Texas Tech keeps Texas defense on field too long and wins

Texas Tech kept Texas defense on the field for 100 plays. In 2nd half Texas defense was on the field 62% of the time. (photo Tony Calvo / Horns Illustrated)

"Wow, I could have had a V8!"

After geeking out on the game data (spreadsheets, graphs, formulas and fractals) from Texas Tech win over Texas, one glaring fact smacked becomes crystal clear in a “Wow, I could have had a V8” moment. Texas Tech new Texas had the better offense, so they simply let them score, quickly, then kept them off the field.

Texas defense dominated Texas Tech, but stayed on the field too long. (photo Tony Calvo / Horns Illustrated)

Texas’ offense was on the field for a total of 24:06 of the 60 minutes. The rest, 35:54 (60%) the Texas defense was on the field and had to face 100 plays from Texas Tech. Texas Tech's likely objective was to not to stop Texas from scoring, just keep the Texas offense off the field.

After the half and the Texas defense had a little rest, Texas Tech kept them on the field for 30 plays in the third quarter and another 26 in the fourth quarter. In the second half the game, the Texas defense was on the field 60% of the time (Q3 — 7:57, 52.4%, Q4 — 11:16, 75.1%).

After looking at the numbers, Texas played amazing, including the defense, but Texas Tech needed just one chance, at the end, to beat Texas with a rear naked choke.

Lessons learned hopefully going forward.

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Texas hosts West Virginia at DKR on Oct. 1 (Sat) at 6:30 p.m.

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