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Troy Aikman credits Steve Sarkisian

photo courtesy Texas Athletics

Troy Aikman, during the Thursday Night Football broadcast on Fox Sports, credits Steve Sarkisian during Thursday Night Football after Patriots rookie quarterback #10 Mac Jones threw a touchdown pass to #15 Nelson Agholor.  

{video courtesy Fox Sports from Thursday Night Football)

Troy Aikman comments to Joe Buck about how Mac Jones was so well coached by Steve Sarkisian at Alabama before

Interesting side note. Steve Sarkisian was hired by the Atlanta Falcons a day after Atlanta lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl LI to coach quarterback Matt Ryan. Super Bowl LI is the one where Tom Brady and the Patriots came from behind 21-3 at the half to win the first and only overtime Super Bowl. 34-28

Sarkisian said during the now viral press conference, “We won’t stop until we get to the end of the story which should be a great story I believe that to be true as well.” 

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