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Texas Sarkisian


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Texas Football players take the field carrying U.S. and Texas flags

Texas believed they would win #HookEm

Alabama players said Texas fans at DKR were loudest ever played against

After Game Fans  Bring Down House Singing "Eyes of Texas"

Texas 'stopped' No 1 Alabama.  Outside the 81 yrd run, Texas defense kept Bama to <3 yrds per carry.

Bryce Young

Quinn Ewers

Hudson Card

Total Offense Alabama: 63-374 | Texas: 67-371 #AllGasNoBrakes


Ewers throws a 46 yd pass to Xavier Worthy. Injured late 1st qtr after going 9-12 and 134 yds. #CFB


#8 Xavier Worthy catches 46 yd pass from Quinn Ewers. Worthy has 97 yds receiving on the day

photo Don Bender

#0 DeMarvion Overshown  locks on to Bryce Young - five tackles in game. #AllGasNoBrakes

photo Don Bender

Texas T'Vondre Sweat breaks through Alabama's offense tackles Bryce Young in end zone. Ruled incomplete pass

photo Don Bender


Senior #93  T'Vondre Sweat 6'4" 346 lbs

Freshman #78  Kelvin Bank Jr  6'4" 320 lbs


#1 Hudson Card comes in for Quinn Ewers late in Q1 then throws 14-22 and 158 yds in game

photo Don Bender

Texas' offensive line gives Hudson Card a pocket and time that proved effective against No 1 Alabama.


#65 Jack Majors

#54 Cole Hutson

#76 Hayden Conner

#70 Christian Jones

#78 Kelvin Banks Jr

Texas Big Humans  Offensive Line

#2 Roschon Johnson trying to avoid Alabama tackle rushes 5-16 and receives 3-20 in the game.

photo Don Bender / Horns Illustrated

#4 Jordan Whittington brings his big guns to block Alabama. Whittington sits in front row takes note at team meetings.

Jordan Whittington goes on to catch 7 passes for 64 yds for the game.  Whitt is one of the leaders of the team.

2021 Heisman Winner QB #9 Bryce Young goes 27-39 and 213 yds, 1 TD, and rushed for 38 yds


Texas defensive back #23 Jahdae Barron chases Alabama's Bryce Young who rushed for 38 yds on the day

Alabama was expected to win by 20 pts. Texas believed in themselves, their training, and coaches...and kept Bama to 20 pts and lost by 1 point.  Shocks #CFB

Bijan Robinson evaluates his options as he is about to run into Alabama's defense - rushed for 57 yds and 1 TD in the game.

Robinson protects the ball, puts his shoulders down and runs into Alabama. A top 5 Heisman candidate.

Robinson catches 3 for 73 yds (longest 43 yds)  Gifts teammates Beats before game.


Texas fans break record attendance at DKR   You should hear them sing "Eyes of Texas"

105,213 Fans


Post game press conference Sarkisian looks over stats before addressing media on how Texas played. What a Great Story!

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Watch 105,213 Texas  fans sing 'Eyes of Texas'