Will Sam Ehlinger be the starting QB for Texas next year?

by Horns Illustrated

December 16, 2020

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NCAA approves blanket waiver for 2020 fall sports athletes to retain year of eligibility

The measure provides eligibility relief for all NCAA fall sports athletes regardless of activity this year

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This would allow Sam Ehlinger to play a 5th year as the starting QB for the Texas Longhorns


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4 Longhorns players declare for 2021 NFL Draft

Joseph Ossai Junior

Ta'Quon Graham Senior

Chris Brown Senior

Caden Sterns Junior

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Will Sam Ehlinger enter 2021 NFL Draft also

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Sam Ehlinger runs on to field for his final game as a senior

Then this happened...

which may be insight into whether Sam stays another year or not

Freshman backup QB Ja'Quinden Jackson,  ranked No. 1 in the SportsDay’s Top 100 Recruits by the Dallas Morning News, enters the transfer protocol.  Why?  What is that he was unlikely to see playing time next year?

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If Ehlinger plays next year, he will most likely break more records

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Current Records

Most Passing Yards (Single Season) 2,000 or more

1. Colt McCoy 3,859 (2008) 2. Sam Ehlinger 3,663 (2019)

Most Passing Yards (Career)

1. Colt McCoy 13,253 (2006-09)  2. Sam Ehlinger  11,276 (2017-PR)

Most Touchdown Passes (Career)

1. Colt McCoy 112 (2006-09) 2. Sam Ehlinger 93 (2017-pr.)

Top Five Completions (Career)

1. Colt McCoy 1,157 (2006-09) 2. Sam Ehlinger 913 (2017-pr.)

Top 10 Quarterback Victories (Career)

1. Colt McCoy  45-8 (2006-09) 2. Vince Young 30-2 (2003-05) 3. Bobby Layne 28-6 (1944-47) 4. Chris Simms 26-6 (1999-2002) 5. Marty Akins 26-9 (1973-75) 6. Sam Ehlinger 25-15 (2017-pr.)

There will be  3 Trophies On His Mind

All are possible

Plus... Coach Herman will be back

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(844) 420-1405

1. Big 12 Championship

2. National Championship

3. Heisman Trophy

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Ehlinger Finalists  2020 William V. Campbell Trophy

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Interestingly, being a finalist Ehlinger receives $18,000 for graduate school, which could be at Texas.  If he wins, that goes to $25,000.   The William V. Campbell Trophy is considered the 'Academic Heisman' Trophy.

Why does that matter?

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Then, at a press conference Coach Herman said this...

but later in the presser Coach Herman said he talked with all his seniors and invited them all back and made it sound like they all are still deciding.  


video exerpt from press conference

Sound On

There will likely be an announcement after the bowl game

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stay tuned...

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