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Who is Tashard Choice and what did Sarkisian see in him

Tashard Choice Texas Running Backs Coach
photo from Georgia Tech Athletics / graphic Horns Illustrated

Sarkisian likely had 100’s of coaches across the country to choose from when filling Stan Drayton’s position as the running back coach at the University of Texas after Drayton took the head coaching job at Temple.

It took Sarkisian and Texas only three days to hire Tashard Choice which means there had to be some serious discussions, vetting, and due diligence going on behind the scenes, or maybe the decision was as smooth and easy as it appeared to be from the outside looking in.

The new coach would have big shoes to fill and would have to be able to take Texas’ running backs group and make them better in all areas of life, including football.

What exactly did coach Sarkisian see in Tashard Choice?

“We’re thrilled to have Tashard joining our staff,” said head coach Steve Sarkisian.

“He’s a high energy guy who brings a ton of passion and expertise to the job. Tashard absolutely checks all the boxes as a tremendous on-field coach, outstanding recruiter and as a guy that will be a great mentor and leader of men in our program. Not only has he done it at the highest level as a player, he’s put in the work as a coach and is really highly-regarded at that, too. The more I talked to him, the more I learned how deeply he cares about Texas, and his experience, knowledge and love for our great state is invaluable. I’m so excited to have him on board, looking forward to getting him started and fired up that he’s a part of our Longhorn family.”

Passion and Expertise

Choice was a running back in the NFL from 2008 - 2013 drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round (122 overall) and would go on to play for Washington, Buffalo, and Indianapolis.

Choice was a running back for Oklahoma then Georgia Tech where he was the ACC leading rusher two years in a row and returned after playing in the NFL to be a running back coach.


High School




Instrumental in putting together the second-highest ranked recruiting class in Tech history


There is no doubt that Sarkisian has added another coaching juggernaut to his staff, but there is one question that remains.

Who is Tashard Choice at his core?

It is easy to look at Choice's career stats as a player and coach and see that he was an awesome running back and his passion for football transcended into coaching, however looking on the outside we miss what's on the inside.

Let's explore who Tashard Choice, the man, is on the inside.

On Choice's social media profile he shares a photo of what looks like possibly the house he grew up in as a child so he will never forget where he came from in Georgia.

Tashard CHoice Twitter profile picture likely where he grew up

Upon learning that he was hired as the running back coach at the University of Texas, Choice pinned these words above the official announcement from Texas.

It is most interesting that the first words from Choice is praise of his mom. Sarkisian is surrounding himself, the players, and staff with a family man. You may remember back on Jan 2, 2021 when Sarkisian had his first interview via Zoom. The first words from Sarkisian were praise for his parent.

"Man look what a praying Momma would do for you."

Coach Choice

"It's one thang that I don't take for granted. The fact that I can call my mom everyday and tell her that I love her. She's my Hero."

Tashard Choice

Tashard Choice is a praying man. He is grounded and his foundation is not built in this world, but in the Heavens.

Tashard Choice in an encourager. Most of Choice's time is spent shining the light on others. He also gives us a glimpse into what he thinks of others.

Tashard Choice is is passionate and serious about coaching. His headline reads: Jesus loving Man. Running Backs Coach at Texas Husband, Former NFL #Cowboys #Bills #GTAlum#HOF. 🤘#HookEm

Choice is the ultimate competitor, even with family in backyard cornhole competition.

Coach Choice is an amazing football player, coach, and human being and will have a tremendous impact on players, coaches, and fans at the University of Texas.

Welcome to Texas and thank you for coming here. #Hookem

After learning more about Tashard Choice it makes perfect sense why it only took Sarkisian and Texas three days to hire him.

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