2022 Texas Baseball hosts Texas Southern

AUSTIN, Texas — No. 22 Texas Baseball hosts Texas Southern for a evening game at UFCU Disch-Falk. It is a warm night in Austin with temperature of 90 and a light breeze blowing to the West.

Texas: 12 | Texas Southern: 2

Texas Baseball in Full Swing (1)

Left-hander #53 Luke Harrison from Friendswood, Texas is the starting pitcher. Right-hander Marcus Olivarez relieved Harrison after 2.2 innings. Jared Southard pitches for 1.1 innings, Lebarron Johnson pitches for 2 innings and Aaron Nixon closed out the game facing four batters and striking out two.

Skyler Messinger hits a 395' {{{ HOME RUN }}} over left field fence to give Texas their 12th and final run of the game.

Seventh inning Ace Whitehead leads off at the plate with a walk...and that was it.

The phone rings in the press box and we receive word that the game will go to the ninth inning.

Sixth inning...Murphy Stehly walked, Skyler Messinger singled to right, Dyln Campbell walks. Bases loaded, one out then two batters out on pop ups.

Three up, three down for Texas in the fifth.

Bottom of fourth, Hodo III singled, Todd and Melendez walked, bases loaded, no outs, Murphy Stehly singles to left scoring Hodo III. Silas Ardoin doubles scoring Austin Todd and Ivan Melendez. Skyler Messinger singles through the middle that scores Ardoin and Stehly.

Third Inning Mitchell Daly doubled off the wall in left-center and that was it. Four up, three down and no runs for Texas.

Two more runs scored in second inning for Texas. Trey Faltine doubles, Ivan Melendez doubles scoring Faltine, Murphy Stehly doubles scoring Melendez.

Texas had a productive first inning. Douglas Hodo III doubled, Austin Todd singled scoring Hodo III, Ivan Melendez Murphy Stehly singled scoring Todd, Silas Ardoin hit 420' home run over left field fence scoring Stehly and himself, Skyler Messinger doubles, then Dylan Campbell and Mitchell Daly flied out.

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