Texas women’s basketball takes aim at Iowa State, Kansas

Elite guards Adriana Camber and Zakiyah Franklin will lead Iowa State and Kansas, respectively, against the Texas women's basketball team this week (photos courtesy of kuathletics.com and cyclones.com).

By Riley Zayas

AUSTIN, Texas — “Following a game against a high-caliber team like Baylor, you’re going to get tested, exposed … whatever you want to call it,” Texas women’s basketball head coach Karen Aston said, “and then it’s how you respond to that and if you improve on the things you didn’t do well.”

Following a long break after the Jan. 31 loss to Baylor, the Longhorns improved on their miscues in their next game, escaping Lubbock Sunday with a 81-66 victory over Texas Tech, thanks in part to 20 points from Sug Sutton.

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