Horns Illustrated gets a diehard Longhorn fan's perspective on attending the Alamo Bowl with his Pops.


Alamodome at TwilightThe Texas vs. Oregon State Alamo Bowl game represents the best of what bowl season is about, and what college football should be about.  This year I took my dad (who recently turned 70) with me to the Alamo Bowl. He always enjoys going to a few games with me in Austin, but this year he wasn’t able to make any of the home games, so the Alamo bowl worked out perfect because he and my mom live just down the road from San Antonio in Boerne. 

On the day of the game I played golf with some friends (which is how all bowl game days should start in my opinion).  It was chilly that morning and the golf game was not too good at first, but as any fan, I was hoping it wouldn't spill over into how my team would play that evening. The first quarter went about like my first couple rhythm. Turned it around and finished foreshadowed things to come. 

My dad and I got down to the stadium around 3 p.m., stood around with several friends that I tailgate with in Austin and had a few cold ones.  My dad was having a wonderful time. Along with being a good ambassador for TEXAS, he is the person we should all strive to be as a fan...he made more friends with the Oregon State fans than anyone and they enjoyed the friendliness  We didn't see any trash talking and or receive any from their fans...very well represented to say the least.  I have been in some tough environments and when you’re with your dad you always hope for the best, and that's what we got at this game. Texas fans in general are not bad, you always have a few over-served fans that can ruin it for everyone, but for the most part I would say our fan base has more class than most... especially the fans that travel to away games and bowls. Bias of course, but I have traveled enough to experience some rough situations, OHIO STATE & LUBBOCK AT NIGHT remain the worse by far.  My dad's favorite part of the game was the fan that jumped out of the stands and ran the length of the field.  He looked at me and said, "That idiot is going to make it all the way, good for him."

  The game was one of the better bowl games this season. That we all can agree on because of all the BAD bowl games out there, especially since Texas came out on the winning end.  The excitement of the game was matched to that of the Ole Miss game which was a wonderful road trip I made this past year. I highly recommend THE GROVE if you ever have a chance to go.  The Ole Miss fans are some of the nicest fans I have ever encountered.

Texas finished the season with a come-from-behind-win, which was dad was so excited he wanted to go somewhere afterwards to have a beer and celebrate.  Which we did and my dad of course bought a round for a table of OSU Beavers who were very appreciative.  In the end, that is what football is about...root for your team, keep it classy, spend some time with your friends and family. Then have a cold beer with your pops when victorious while buying the losing team a round of beer too.  There is so much negativity in the world with all the multi-media sources, it's nice to make good memories every once in a while.

James Schleicher

James Schleicher is the publisher of Horns Illustrated magazine. He's also a fifth generation Texan and lifelong Austinite. Follow @HornsIllus twitter to keep up with all things Horns Illustrated.

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