Daily Round Up: Monday, June 10, 2013



The off-season grind.

"I haven’t been looking for it — I’ve been dreaming it. When I got the offer, my heart just dropped. I felt like the moment stopped, like the hands of time just stopped."

"I’m picking Texas because they’re the first team on my list," Shaw said. "I’ve been liking them ever since I was little. I just like the Longhorns."

We love to hear this from a recruit. [Dallas Morning News]

Texas will play LSU in Dallas on November 8. [AAS]

Big 12

There's no rivalry in the Drew family. [Waco Tribune]

So, a treadmill made this kind of difference in a football program? [Ames Tribune]

Mike Gundy is an a$$hole. [Above The Law]

Open Range

Texas is still producing elite quarterbacks. [AAS]

What does it take to promote a Heisman candidate? [Business of College Sports]

Two U.S. congressmen and one senators want a Pro Hall of Fame coin. [Canton Rep]

And finally...

Well, of course he is. Johnny Manziel is in a country music video. [KBTX]