Distraction Alert: Newswires Buzzing with Headlines Reporting Nick Saban was Approached by U.T. Regent


The rumor mill is swirling, but it seems like much ado about nothing.
The rumor mill is swirling, but it seems like much ado about nothing.

Last week, it was reported that UT Athletic Director Deloss Dodds was stepping down, a report that was discredited by Dodds and others. Now just six days later we’re reading about a behind-the-scenes meeting that took place over nine months ago involving a Texas regent and Saban’s agent.

Most of us understand things in life can change tomorrow and that there are no guarantees. The reality is, very few of us know the actual circumstances or the nature of the discussions that went on. This recent “hot news” — an unwelcome distraction for a team that desperately needs to focus — doesn’t really tell us anything.

Mack Brown has stated he wants to keep coaching. He recognizes  the fans’ frustration and understands their disappointment. No doubt he and the staff are working hard to right the ship — clearly, no easy task. If this were simple it would be fixed by now. Yes, we’ve heard and read all the arguments (time and again) about UT getting the best recruits, staff and funding, but that’s a testament to who the University of Texas is. The players still have to play the game and the coaches have to coach.

Speaking of coaching, it looks like Nick Saban is not interested in going to Texas...

Regardless of your opinion about who should or shouldn’t be coach, or what plays we should be running, or the best approach to stopping the option, the one thing Brown has asked is that we come out and support OUR team.

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Bottom line, Brown is still here and he IS the head coach at the University of Texas.  Until we’re told otherwise or there is an official announcement, let's  focus on supporting the Texas football team. The Longhorns have a big-time conference game to prepare for and play on Saturday, so if you’re a fan and bleed burnt orange, let’s rally behind the team, ignore the distractions, and get ready for Saturday.   HOOK'EM HORNS!


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