FEATURE – One Last Shot

UT GOLF TEAM WINS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPGolf is a cruel sport. The game changes with each address of the ball as players attempt to temporarily master a task that they could never truly perfect. Playing golf as part of a team adds its own set of challenges, including forcing each player to bring his best to balance out a teammate’s mistake or shortcomings.

The Texas men’s golf team — a group that epitomizes the definition of balance and success — made few mistakes throughout the 2012 season. Ranked No. 1 going into the NCAA Tournament, each player overcame the pressure and performed to their full potential during the tournament.

And then senior Dylan Frittelli stepped up to the final hole.

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He had one last shot.

One last shot to win the title. One last shot of his collegiate career.

The championship came down to Frittelli and Alabama’s Cory Whitsett, a Houstonian and one of the most accomplished junior players in the 

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