Five Questions – Oklahoma

Freshman Malik Jefferson Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield (Photo: Don Bender)
Malik Jefferson tackles Sooner QB Baker Mayfield. The freshman had six tackles and two sacks against the Sooners (Photo: Don Bender).

By Steve Habel

With the Longhorns’ fan base stunned by the football team’s poor start and perceived lack of the improvement, along with national college football pundits opining that the job is too much for him to handle, head coach Charlie hasn’t slept well as of late.

On the morning of a do-or-die showdown against Oklahoma, Strong, tired of tossing and turning in his bed, headed for the hotel gym at 3:30 a.m. He then ran five miles on the treadmill.

The run wasn’t enough to quell the voices in his head. Strong took to the streets, opting for another jogging session around the hotel property, where he went unrecognized and uninterrupted.

“There’s not too many people running around out there at that time of the morning,” he explained. “I had things to myself and that’s what I needed.”

By the time he hit his 5:45 a.m. staff meeting, Strong had reaffirmed his belief that the Longhorns

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