Five reasons that compelled Quinn Ewers to transfer to Texas

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AUSTIN, Texas — On Sunday Dec 12 at 8:04 p.m. Quinn Ewers announced on social media that he was transferring to Texas. In order to make this career impacting decision, he had to weigh many pros and cons.

Before Quinn could even decide to transfer to Texas he had to be invited by Sarkisian. Ewers originally committed to Texas in August 2020 then he would decommit when rumors started swirling around in Austin that Herman was on his way out.

No doubt, when Sarkisian was at Alabama he would have known about or have tried to recruit Ewers to Alabama. Sarkisian had Mac Jones and would need a replacement or backup even though Bryce Young was a freshman at the time.

Ewers has deep roots in Texas growing up in Southlake, Texas which is Northwest of Dallas, just 212 miles or three hours and nine minutes from Darrell K Royal Stadium. Being close to family is everything and especially for Texans. 

Ewers had to consider the flashing red neon sign that was Texas’ last season. Sarkisian and crew shook the foundation of Texas Longhorns football with a 5-7 season and no bowl invites. Fans got caught up in the rhetoric created by the media frenzy. Sarkisian remained steadfast through all the blather from the outside media noise.

So, why would Ewers ultimately decide to transfer to Texas?

Top Five reasons Quinn Ewers transferred to Texas

#5 - Family from Texas 

#4 - Texas needs more production from the QB room (per Sarkisian and agreed with by Casey Thompson)

#3 - Bijan Robinson, Xavier Worthy, Roschon Johnson, Jordan Whittington, Keilan Robinson (team)

#2 - Likely the starting QB next year plus more NIL money.
(Ewers first player to receive $1 millions from NIL)

#1 - Sarkisian and AJ Milwee

Questions? Ewers coming to Texas opens up some interesting questions. Which one of these Texas QB’s will enter the transfer portal(if any): Hudson Card, Charles Wright, or Casey Thompson?

Is Arch Manning still a consideration for Texas and was he ever? Manning will likely go to Ole Miss, Georgia, or wherever David Cutcliffe is hired as a coach. Cutcliffe was Eli Manning's QB coach.

Welcome to the new world of college football

#Hookem #AllGasNoBrakes

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