Foreman shows up and shows out at UT Pro Day

D’Onta Foreman worked out for all 32 NFL teams on Tuesday morning at the annual Texas Pro Day. He was down more more than 15 pounds from last season’s playing weight, and by all accounts he looked great.

Coming back from a stress fracture which kept the 230 pound Foreman from running drills during the NFL Combine, Foreman posted an impressive time in his first run, marking up a 4.43-4.48. Again, this is a 230 pound man we are talking about here. Check out the video below.





Impressive, right? Foreman would be the first one to tell you that he's not in top physical condition (thanks to the stress fracture) making his entire pro day all the more eye opening. He made an impression on every single 32 teams in attendance and everyone else in the room.



I'd have to agree with the folks at Roster Watch.



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