Four takeaways from Texas-LSU game

Some consider it "coachspeak," but even after Saturday's home loss to LSU, the Texas Longhorns still can reach their goals for the 2019 season (photo by Don Bender / Horns Illustrated).

By Steve Lansdale

There were some saying that the 2019 season didn’t really start last week for the Texas Longhorns, because Louisiana Tech wasn’t enough of a threat to makethe Longhorns break a sweat. So the real kickoff to the season, those people said, came Saturday when then-No. 6 LSU came swaggering into town. That game would be the first “real” game of the year, the first measuring stick to see where the Longhorns stood after all the progress shown in a 2018 season that ended with a win over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

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So what can be made of UT’s 45-38 home loss to LSU?

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