Cornerback Brandon Jones is one of two players

From the mag: Unfinished business brought Jones back for senior season

Brandon Jones is a standout on the Longhorns defense (Photo courtesy of Texas Sports/Horns Illustrated illustration)

By Steve Habel, Senior Contributing Writer

This article originally appeared in the 25th Anniversary Issue of Horns Illustrated magazine. To order a copy of the 25th Anniversary Football Preview Issue, which includes interviews, insights and more, click here.

FORMER PRESIDENT THEODORE Roosevelt, who was fond of using the adage “speak softly and carry a big stick,” would have liked Brandon Jones.

The Texas senior safety is the kind of player who roams the secondary with a purpose and likes to lower the boom on ballcarriers and receivers.

In that aspect, Jones is kind of a silent enforcer, the one who will grin at you when he’s knocking you out.


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