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Cooper Neill/Getty Images

By Kelsey Boyd - Special Contributor

It’s that magical time of year again, that one weekend that any Texas fan worth his (or her!) horns eagerly awaits.  For many of us, this weekend means a 200 mile pilgrimage up I-35, pausing every hour on the hour to confirm that OU does, in fact, still suck.  The coolers have been painted and stocked, buses chartered, and tickets secured.  You’ve crossed off every item on your OU weekend checklist, except perhaps the most essential item: packing the perfect TX-OU outfit.

For a true Longhorn, selecting game day attire remains a complex decision. What you choose to wear to a Texas game makes a statement—any casual football fan from the Midwest can throw on a jersey and pretend they know the difference between a guard and a tackle.  But here in Texas, we’re no amateurs.  True Horn pride runs deep, and our burnt orange outfits are our way of telling the world that we are Texas, and we are better than you.


Dallas Weather Saturday
Dallas Weather Saturday

In true Texas fashion, this Saturday looks to be a balmy 90 degrees (ever heard of Fall, Dallas?), so staying warm at the game shouldn’t be an issue. No jackets required here! Horns always come prepared, though, so don’t forget the burnt orange umbrella.

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It’s times like these I find myself thankful to be a girl – our gender has infinitely more options to play with when it comes to showing our Horn Pride. Of course, there’s the standard burnt-orange-dress-and-boots combo that we’ve all grown to love:

Dress Photo boots photo

But all this tells me is you knew to make a pit stop at the co-op on your way out of Austin.  This is no ordinary game, so ladies, it’s time to step it up a notch.  Texas-OU weekend is the perfect opportunity to exercise our god-given right to accessorize, so break out the Longhorn jewelry and face tattoos and make Bevo proud!

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Special Contributor Kelsey Boyd graduated from UT in 2012. This is the first of many Blogs she plans to contribute to Horns Illustrated on all things Burnt Orange.