Game 2: No. 10 Texas Baseball vs No. 8 OSU

Final Game 2 - No. 10 Texas falls to No. 8 OSU 14-3 (photo courtesy Texas Athletics)

AUSTIN, Texas - No. 10 Texas Baseball hosts No. 8 Oklahoma State University at UFCU Disch-Falk Field for game two of the three game weekend series. OSU took game one 6-8. Right-hander #35 Tristan Stevens is the starting pitcher for Texas. This season, Stevens is 5-4 with 52 innings pitched, 34 strikeouts, and a 4.50 ERA.

No. 8 OSU clobbers No. 10 Texas 14-3.

Texas: 3 | OSU: 14

Game Summary

No. 10 Texas falls to No. 8 OSU 14-3 in game two of the series. It was not a game Texas will want to remember.

Dylan Campbell had the first hit of the game for Texas, a double, in the bottom of the sixth. This started a possible comeback for Texas that had the bases loaded and one out, but we could not score. OSU had already scored 10 runs by the then.

Campbell would get the second hit of the game in the bottom of the eighth, a single, that again started a potential Texas comeback. Ace Whitehead singled putting Campbell on second and eventually both advancing on a wild pitch. DH Austin Todd went 1-2 (KBF) and then smashed the ball over the left field fence giving Texas three runs. Ivan Melendez would then send the ball down the left field line for a double, but that would be the last hit of the inning. OSU had scored another three runs in the top of the eighth that offset Texas' three in the bottom.

Texas catcher #10 Kimble Schuessler had the last hit of the game, a single, for Texas, but was thrown out at second on a double play.

Tristan Stevens who started on the mound takes the loss. Stevens pitches five and two-thirds innings, faced 27 batters, threw 99 pitches, and struck out eight. As Stevens walked off the mound and headed to the dugout, Texas fans respectfully stood and gave him a round of applause.

Texas plays OSU for game three May 1 (SUN) at 1 p.m. at UFCU Disch-Falk Field.

7,134 Attendance

Bottom of 9th

Kimble Schuessler base hit to left field. Jack O'Dowd hits into double play. (2 outs)

9th Inning

Andre Duplantier II on the mound for Texas. Ian Daugherty high pop up in front of Texas dugout caught by Melendez for out #1. Roc Riggio hit by pitch. Zach Ehrhard {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging. Jake Thompson line drive to right field caught for out #3.

Bottom of 8th

Dylan Campbell gets his 2nd hit of the game and Texas' second hit of the game. Ace Witehead singles to left for Texas' third hit. Trey Faltine strikes out looking. Douglas Hodo III (runners on 1st & 2nd, 1 out) strikes out swinging. Austin Todd (wild pitch - runners advance to 2nd & 3rd, 2 outs) {{{ HOME RUN }}} 406' and left hit bat at 103 mph.

Ivan Melendez doubles. Murphy Stehly strikes out swining.

8th Inning

Texas makes changes. Murphy Stehly to 2b, #10 Kimble Schuessler now catching. Zach Ehrhard goes 3-2 walks (SSBFBBB). Jake Thompson walks (BKBBB). Griffin Doersching hit by pitch on left shoulder (scary). Coach Pierce comes to mound and calls in Olivarez to mound to replace Eckhardt.

David Mendham hits into a fielders choice, grounder to Melendez, throws to 2b, runner (Ehrhardt) scores. McLean doubles to left (hits the wall) scores Thompson. Brown grounds out to 2b, scores Mendham. Trenkle hits line drive to center for out #3.

Not a good inning for Texas.

Bottom of 7th

Murphy Stehly hit by pitch, Silas Ardoin hits into a double play, Sklyer Messinger strikes out swinging

7th Inning

Texas starts inning with #56 Justin Eckhardt to pitch. Nolan McLean sends the ball over the left field fence for a home run. Marcus Brown {{STRIKES OUT}} looking for out #1. Caeden Trenkle shot to 2b Mitchell Daly makes long throw to Melendez for rout #2. Ian Daugherty walks (BBFBB). Roc Riggio {{STRIKES OUT}} looking for out #3.

Bottom of 6th

Leading off Dylan Campbell doubles to right center, Mitchell Daly walks, then goes to 2nd on a wild pitchand Campbell to 3rd. Trey Faltine goes 3-2 (SSBFBBK) strikes out. Douglas Hodo III walks on four straight (BBBB). Bases loaded DH #44 Austin Todd at plate - (OSU pitching change Morrill in for Osmond) - strikes out swinging.

#17 Ivan Melendez (bases loaded, 2 outs) slow blooper to short left (or deep shortstop) for out #3.

6th Inning

Leading off DH #31 David Mendham blooper (slow, very slow) to 2b Mitchell Daly for out #1. 3b #13 Nolan McLean walks after going 3-2 (SBFBFBB). Shortstop #19 Marcus Brown - McLean shows signs of stealing so Stevens keeps him close with a throw to Melendez - Brown goes 2-1 then hits a line shot to center for out #2, runner (McLean) stays at first. Center fielder #29 Caeden Trenkle walks (BFBFBB). Runners at 1st & 2nd, 2 outs). Catcher #8 Ian Daugherty his a slow single to center that scores McLean.

Coach Pierce goes to the mound and brings in #39 Travis Sthele to pitch. As Stevens walks to dugout fans give him a standing ovation and a round of applause. Stevens goes 5.2 innings, faced 27 batters, threw 99 pitches, gave up two HR's, and struck out eight.

Roc Riggio singles to right center, Trenkle scores, Ehrhard singles to right scores Daugherty. Thompson intentionally walked now bases loaded with two outs.

Sthele wild pitch (bounces in front of home plate) ball goes to backstop, runner (Riggio) scores. Griffen Doersching goes 3-2 (KBFBB) then hits a blast to left field with 2 runners on.

Texas fans stand up and are flocking out of the stadium.

David Mendhan {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging for out #3. This was a 27 minutes inning.

Bottom of 5th

Leading of right-fielder #14 Murphy Stehly strikes out swinging. Catcher #4 Silas Ardoin walks on four balls. 3b #5 Sklyer Messinger slow chopper to 3b hugging the line, no throw to 2b, long throw to 1b pulls Doersching off the bag and has to tag Messinger out (barely) for out #2. Left fielder #19 Dylan Campbell. Messinger gets picked off at 2b...he has not chance for out #3. Campbell will get to bat in bottom of 6th.

5th Inning

Top of the order 2b #7 Roc Riggio {{STRIKES OUT}} looking. Zach Ehrhand grounds out to 3b Messinger for out #1. Left fielders #17 Jake Thompson sends the ball over left field fence for a home run. Griffen Doersching grounds out to 2b Daly for out #3

The home plate umpire is calling some bizarre balls and strikes. What is clearly a ball is called as a strike and visa versa. It's kind of obvious.

Bottom of 4th - 3⬆️3⬇️

Leading off center fielder #7 Douglas Hodo III grounder to 3b for out #1. DH #44 Austin Todd goes 3-2 then hits long deep ball to warning track in left center for out #2. 1b #17 Ivan Melendez hits towering fly ball to 2b for out #3.

4th Inning

Lead off DH #31 David Mendham sends 2nd pitch over the left field wall for a home run. 3b #13 Nolan McLean {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging. Shortstop #19 Marcus Brown {{STRIKES OUT}} looking. Center fielder #28 Caeden Trenkle singles up the middle. Catcher #8 Ian Daugherty - Tristan Stevens balks, Trenkle sent to 2nd - chopper to Trey Faltine at ss for out #3.

Now, OSU head coach Josh Holliday having a conversation with home plate and 3b umpires. The calls have not been consistent. Now home plate umpire is giving Holliday the 'what-for' and pointing his finger. Holliday returns to OSU dugout.

Bottom of 3rd - 3⬆️3⬇️

Leading off left-fielder #8 Dylan Campbell pop fly to center field for out #1. 2b #19 Mitchell Daly strikes out swining. Shortstop #0 Trey Faltine grounder to 3b for out #3.

Texas 'finally' gets through the batting order after three innings. Not a good start for Texas, though the consensus seems to be the home plate umpire is not consistent in calling balls/strikes.

3rd Inning - 3⬆️3 {{STRIKE OUTS}}

Leading off right-fielder #4 Zach Ehrhand {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging. Left-fielder #17 Jake Thompson {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging. 1b #52 Griffen Doersching {{STRIKES OUT}} swinging.

Bottom of 2nd - 3⬆️3⬇️

Right-fielder #14 Murphy Stehly grounds out to 3b. Catcher #4 Silas Ardoin strikes out looking. 3b #5 Skyler Messinger line shot directly to shortstop for out #3.

As coach Pierce walks back to the dugout from the 3b coach's box, he stops for a few words with home plate umpire Mark Winters...stay tuned.

2nd Inning

DH #31 David Mendham grounds out to shortstop Trey Faltine. 3b #13 Nolan through left side between 3b and ss. Shortstop #19 Marcus Brown (1 runner on 1st, 1 out) doubles to deep right-center. McLean advances to 3b. (2 on, 1 out). CF #28 Caeden Trenkle hit by pitch (cutter). Bases loaded. Catcher #8 Ian Daugherty line shot to center (Douglas Hodo III rifles throw directly to 3b to stop the runner from advancing. McLean scores.

Top of the order 2b #7 Rock Riggio (3-2) hard/fast grounder to Faltine at shortstop, rifle throw to Melendez at 1st for out #3.

Bottom of 1st - 3⬆️3⬇️

Center-fielder #7 Douglas Hodo III strikes out swinging. DH #44 Austin Todd strikes out swinging. 1b #17 Ivan Melendez grounds out to 3b for our #3.

1st Inning - 3⬆️3⬇️

Top of the order 2b #7 Roc Riggio grounds out to Mitchell Daly. Right-fielder #4 Zach Ehrhard {{STRIKES OUT}}. Left-fielder #17 Jake Thompson hit by a pitch (sinker). 1b #52 Griffin Doersching {{STRIKE OUTS}}

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