Helping make Texas football … Texas football again

Texas football head coach Tom Herman said that while he wants the Longhorns to lure players from Louisiana and Oklahoma, he expects the bulk of all of his future recruiting classes to hail from the state of Texas (photo courtesy of

By Steve Habel/Senior Editor

AUSTIN, Texas — If former football head coach Mack Brown was considered Mr. February for his prowess in signing great high school players for Texas, what will Tom Herman be called after hauling in the nation’s third-ranked class this winter in his first complete run at recruiting to restock the Longhorns roster?

Maybe Herman can be called "Mr. Freeze" because of his cold-season success and his either-take-our-offer-or-don’t attitude ... or maybe "The Collector" for his ability to corral with a minimum of wasted effort a majority of the players he and his staff sought.

One thing is for sure: the buzz surrounding UT's haul of top prep talent over the past two-and-a-half months is the loudest [article-offer]

Steve Habel

Steve Habel is a senior contributing writer for Horns Illustrated. He has covered Texas sports since 1989 and was this magazine’s senior editor for 24 years. You can follow him on twitter @stevehabel .

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