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Habe on the Horns - By Steve Habel/Associate Editor

For much of the first five games of the 2014 season, the Texas football team has suffered from the “one-step-up, two-steps-back” syndrome. For every one of the Horns’ dominating defensive performances, there’s been a counterbalance of poor play on offense, or – as in UT’s 28-7 loss to Baylor on Oct. 4 – a breakdown on special teams, too.

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The key to Texas winning games it’s not supposed to be like those against BYU, UCLA and Baylor (the Horns’ three losses) the key is to bringing every aspect of play – offense, defense and special teams – together at the same time.





Steve Habel

Steve Habel is a senior contributing writer for Horns Illustrated. He has covered Texas sports since 1989 and was this magazine’s senior editor for 24 years. You can follow him on twitter @stevehabel .

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