How many Longhorns are Draft-ing future plans?

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Most experts agree two or three Longhorns are locks to get drafted, and a handful more have a chance to join them in the NFL's three-day event at the end of this week (photos courtesy of / graphic by Horns Illustrated).

The NFL Draft is, without question, the biggest and most intriguing non-competition event of the year for fans of the NFL … and maybe for fans of sports in general. Few, if any, events are dissected and discussed with such intensity and precision, a process that is only magnified because of the extended time between Pro Days across the country and the actual draft.

The interest has many layers. For the fans of NFL teams, the intrigue centers on which players end up on their favorite teams … and on their teams’ most hated rivals. For the college fans, it’s about where their favorite players end up, and whether those players will have a chance to succeed on their new teams.

Critics scoffed when it was announced that ESPN would televise the Draft for the first time April 29, 1980. The network, of course, got the last laugh many times over, as the event ballooned into must-see television for millions of fans, a spectacle that now has been stretched out over three days, an event so massive it now gets carried on both ESPN and NFL Network, and followed by countless websites.

Without the benefit of a crystal ball, it is widely believed the Texas Longhorns will have a larger presence in this year’s draft. Two players are likely to go in the early rounds — perhaps even in Thursday’s first round.

So when might the Longhorns get taken?  [horns3]

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