It is good Texas has not made Rodney Terry the HC yet. Here is why

Texas Men's Basketball coach Rodney Terry with his winning team behind him after winning.

It is not because Rodney Terry has not overwhelmingly demonstrated his ability to coach a team under any circumstances and consistently win at a high level. These facts cannot be disputed.

There is a common character thread coaches across the sports teams at Texas have that we have witnessed time and time again. When you listen to their news conferences or hear a coach speak about their team, you will hear someone with a singular focus.

The Texas Men’s Basketball program, like all programs at Texas, is in the business of putting the student athlete in the best possible situation to succeed in sports and in life. These exact words are heard so often in interviews or press conferences from coaches then seen played out on the court, field, course, or water for rowing, and in life when we see students spending time helping the community.

We have summed up what we have witnessed in two words. These two words describe many successful teams in sports, business, life, and family.

Let us be honest. If Texas was to announce today or if they had after the Big 12 Championship that Rodney Terry was the new ‘Head Coach’, think about what would happen.

Yes, it would certainly be terrific news, but it would also turn the spotlight away from everything else that is going on, mainly the NCAA Tournament that is shining on the teams and players locked in the battle of their lifetime of which they will never forget.

You see, from what we have witnessed, the student athletes are the stars in the spotlight.

Do the coaches deserve the spotlight? Well, of course. As the leader, coaches and their staff are a reason for the success of the program. 

You will find a common thread noticeable in coaches at Texas which can be summed up in two words. 

Servant Leaders!

After the NCAA Tournament has concluded, the confetti settled, (hopefully) Texas Men’s Basketball is holding the NCAA trophy, and then (hopefully) the spotlight will turn to the new HC RT.


Dylan Disu excited after pinning Texas to NCAA Tournament board to go to the Sweet 16.
Texas Men's Basketball Dylan Disu is fired up after pinning Texas to the NCAA Tournament board to go on to the Sweet 16. (photo Texas Athletics / graphic Horns Illustrated)