Jake Majors shows remarkable leadership before a snap

Jake Majors at the office
Jake Majors sets the tone for the Texas Football Offensive Line (photo Texas Athletics)

As seen through binoculars

It did not last for more than 10 seconds, if that, yet it has been replaying in slow motion through my mind ever since witnessing Jake Majors take command of the offensive line just before snapping the ball.

Texas Football binocular view
(photo Horns Illustrated)

There was not much time, Texas was in a no-huddle offense.

In the press box we see the game from about 100 feet up and can see players pretty well. We also know them because of their number, position they play, and how they move about the field. To get a closer view, we sometimes use binoculars so we can be accurate about what we are seeing or may have seen, such as: all the players involved in a tackle 

Just before one play while watching through binoculars, we see a defensive player trying to get Texas right tackle Christian Jones to engage in a shoving contest. Jones and the defensive player squared up helmet-to-helmet. Just before the situation escalated into a penalty for both sides, Texas center Jake Majors took three steps to his right and wedged himself in between the two players. Neither could see each other because of the stature Major has. He is a big human.

Major had a couple words with Jones, turned to his right guard Cole Hudson, made a comment, then turned to the defensive player and swooshed his arm up as if to say, “get back on your side, we have work to do.”

The rest of the offense did not know what was happening as they were lining up for the next no-huddle play. Majors took three steps back to center, Jones and Hutson walked forward and took their stance, Majors snapped the ball to Hudson Card and Texas continued their drive.

For Majors to have quickly seen what was happening, take control and get Texas back to the business at hand showed the leadership qualities of Jake Majors, This took place all within a span of a couple seconds.

It was remarkable to see through binoculars.