Jamaal Charles: I still believe in Mack Brown

Jamaal Charles still believes in his old college coach.
Jamaal Charles still believes in his old college coach.

Many fans were happy to see the Texas Longhorns make the change at defensive coordinator. If you listen to the Social Media chatter (we try to always have our finger on the pulse of the fans) or are perhaps part of that chatter, you know that for some Horns fans, reassigning Manny Diaz is not enough ... they want Mack Brown gone too.

Such is life for a coach in the spotlight. This is nothing new to Coach Brown ... trust me, he can take the heat. However, that has not prevented former player and current Kansas City Chief, Jamaal Charles from coming out in support of Brown.

During a Wednesday conference call with reporters at the practice facility, Charles said "It hurt watching the [BYU] game and watching my former team. I know they prepare so much to go out there and play in an environment and to end up with those results, it’s bad. But I still believe in my Longhorns. Hopefully we can overcome that and just take it one game at a time now.”

Is Coach Brown was still the right man for the job?

“Oh yeah,” Charles responded. “He won a national championship. I still believe in him. I think he gets the guys going. Coach Brown is just a great coach. I [was there] three years and under my three years we were able to go to a bowl game [every year].

“He gets on the players so hard, if they just start listening to everything he says and take it in, Coach Brown will lead [that] team. He’s been to two national championships since he’s been with the Longhorns. I mean, that’s good. He won one and he lost one, but it’s good.”

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I have to agree with Charles on this one. Mack Brown's time may come, but in my opinion there is plenty left in the tank. Is there work to be done? Sure ... but I am not ready for a new head coach. For those of you who are, remember that the grass is always greener. Don't forget what Mack Brown has done for the University of Texas. He has a track record of success and deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Source: Jon Machota/Dallas Morning News