Josh Thompson favorite part of playing football right now

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Josh Thompson Interview 10252021
photo Horns Illustrated

AUSTIN, Texas — After practice on Tuesday, before Saturday’s matchup with Baylor, senior defensive back Josh Thompson weighed in on what is his favorite about being a football player at the University of Texas. 

Texas has five games left and are still contenders. The team must dig deep and resolve to win from here on out in order to be playing into and past December.

The practices are harder, Texas lost (but were not beaten) three tough battles. They are in a battle in their minds and the bar has been raised even higher by coach Sarkisian and his staff. The team is working diligently on their mental game so they can sustain a Texas style of football for a full 60 minutes to secure the win.

Coach Sarkisian commented they are working with the team on their mental discipline and players have been echoing that sentiment during media availability.

We asked the senior defensive back Josh Thompson from Nacogdoches, Texas, “Josh, thanks for talking with us. So you're in the middle of the season. Bars keep getting raised. It is the toughest part of you know, I imagined football in practice, it is getting gritty. But, for you, what is your favorite? What is the most fun part about being a football player at University of Texas, at this time?”

Listen to Josh’s response.

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