Know Your Enemy: Keys to the Kansas Jayhawks

Longhorn fans, let's take a deep breath all together. Texas has already faced four offenses ranked in the top nationally in total or scoring offense, so it's the least we deserve. I wouldn't mind borrowing one of the neuralyzers from the Men In Black films to forget the struggles of the Texas defense, but we'll focus on the positives.

The Kansas Jayhawks (1-6) are on the schedule this week, which sounds pretty grand at this point. They say there's no place like home but Texas has to be more than thrilled heading into Lawrence Saturday. With that said, every team has their share of players and coaches worth highlighting. So, click those ruby slippers together and hang on for a Texas tornado. It's time to "Know Your Enemy."

What's the Point?

Better yet, we should ask Kansas, "where are the points?" The Jayhawks average 17 points a game in the most... 

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