Know Your Enemy: Keys to the New Mexico Lobos

University of New Mexico Wide Receiver Lamaar ThomasLast week’s 37-17 season-opening victory over Wyoming reminded us a little of the famous rant by Dennis Green, the former Arizona Cardinals' head coach. Who are the Texas Longhorns? They are who we thought they were! And while we won’t let them off the hook, we all kind of knew deep down that this Longhorn team would be all about pounding defenses into submission with the run, eliminating turnovers, and holding down opponents with an aggressive defense. Check, check, and check.

New Mexico, on the other hand, is a bit of a mystery for Texas fans and that’s what we’re here for. It’s time to “Know your Enemy.”

All Things Considered

The New Mexico Lobos come to the Forty Acres puffing out their chests a little after a 66-21 win over Southern in their season opener.  It makes sense if you consider the team average TWELVE points a game last season. However, that win should be prefaced by a few thoughts. First, the win came against Southern University. Second, this New Mexico team returns thirteen starters from...

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