Longhorn Fans Are 8th Most Engaged, According to Study

Longhorn FansAccording to a study conducted by Ticket City, the Longhorns have the eight-most engaged fan base in college football.

As reported by RantSports.com, “The study took data on how many fans travel to see road games, how much they pay for tickets to those games, and how often they take to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to voice their opinions on their beloved program.”

Though a top-ten finish is a compliment to the great fans of Longhorn football, most Longhorn fans would agree this is no cause for celebration. Texas is one of the most identifiable brands in college athletics, and is the fifth-largest university in the US. There’s no excuse for Longhorn fans to be outside the top three in a study gauging the rabidity of a fan base.

To add insult to injury, Longhorn fans finished behind heated rivals Texas A&M (5) and Oklahoma (7).

If nothing else, this should at least encourage fans to get their horns up.

Here’s the top 25 fan bases according to Ticket City:


Overall Top 25 Rankings       

1              Big 10    University of Michigan

2              SEC         Louisiana State University

3              SEC         University of Alabama

4              Big 10    Ohio State University

5              SEC         Texas A&M University

6              Big 10    University of Nebraska – Lincoln

7              Big 12    University of Oklahoma

8              Big 12    University of Texas – Austin

9              SEC         University of Georgia

10           SEC         University of Florida

11           Big 10    Penn State University

12           SEC         University of South Carolina

13           Big 10    University of Iowa

14           Pac 12   University of Southern California

15           Pac 12   University of Oregon

16           Big 10    Michigan State University

17           SEC         University of Tennessee

18           Big 10    University of Wisconsin – Madison

19           SEC         Auburn University

20           ACC        Clemson University

21           Big 12    West Virginia University

22           ACC        Florida State University

23           SEC         University of Missouri

24           SEC         University of Arkansas

25           ACC        Virginia Tech University


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