Horns BioFile: “Heavy Metal David Ash”

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Adam Cahn, aka "Heavy Metal David Ash" (Photo: James Schleicher).

Name: Adam Cahn
Twitter handle: @cahnman 
Age: 36

Nicknames: Cahn, Heavy Metal David Ash (He believes Kieth Moreland gave him the name. The name was actually given to him by Lowell Galindo of Longhorn Network).

From: New York City, New York. “I’ve lived on Riverside [Austin] for about the last three years, but technically I’m from New York City."

Uniform/Outfit: Burnt Orange Longhorn Football Jersey with the number 14 on the front and back, khaki cargo shorts, flip-flops, fitted baseball cap, sunglasses.

“The only reason it says 14 is because I bought it in 2014.”

When did you become a Baseball fan?: 1989

When did you become a Longhorn Baseball fan?: 2018

Who is your favorite Longhorn of all time?: Roger Clemens. I’m a Yankees fan. 2nd is Colt McCoy.

How many games did you come to this season?: A bunch. I’d guess about 20, but that’s a guess.

What’s your favorite Longhorns Baseball memory?: Meeting Kody Clemens two weeks ago outside the left field fence.

What is your favorite play of the season?: Kody Clemens hitting the home run against TCU on Friday night.

What do you think of The Disch?: I think we need a lot more Kody Clemens.

Final thoughts from Mr. Cahn: “I think the Longhorns have a good baseball team this year, although if I’m being completely honest. I’m terrified of where we stand at this exact moment.”


Author's Note: Midway through the interview, which took place during the top half of the of the 6th inning of Game 6 of the Austin Regional, Zack Zubia hit a home run to tie the game with Indiana, at which point Mr. Cahn said:“Tell the public I was disappointed in the performance of the team, then they hit a home run.”

Extra Quote: “Apparently everyone on Twitter loves me. I’ve gone deliberately out of my way to not read my own twitter shit.”

James Schleicher

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