Most Ideal Path to Final Four for Texas Men’s Basketball

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Every game of the 2023 season for Texas Men’s Basketball has tested every aspect of the Longhorns abilities; strategy, game planning, defense, offense, teamwork, and every player’s and coach's resolve. It is fair to say Texas is battle tested and ready for their first of six conquests on the road to the NCAA Championship.

Texas plays Colgate in the first round. Both teams with the same overall record this season though in different conferences. Texas will get Colgate's best game for sure. Then for what may be the second best game in the tournament — the Longhorns against the Aggies in round two. 

The last time the two teams met was in the Lone Star Showdown in 2019 where the Longhorns beat the Aggies by 10 points.

There may be no greater in-state rivalry than the one between these two teams, and it goes so far back, like the turn of the 20th century. Still to this day in 2023, families are divided between the eldest and youngest, grandkids against the grandparents, dads against daughters, and son against moms. The rivalry is as real as a rattlesnake roundup at the family reunion.

After the second round game, anticipate Texas playing Xavier in the Sweet 16, then on to the ultimate Texas sized in-state game, No. 5 Texas against No. 1 Houston. Houston has only three losses this season, one of them against No. 1 Alabama. Houston is just as battle tested as Texas and are ranked No. 1 by AP.

If we thought playing teams in the Big 12 Conference was tough, Texas against Houston will be the single best game for Texas this season and will cement the Longhorns as the Lone Star State’s best men’s basketball team this season, provided they win of course.

Then to the Final Four. 

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