Photo Gallery: Texas Men’s Basketball Frank Erwin Center

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AUSTIN, Texas - For Texas Men's Basketball fans, Texas put on a show that nobody will forget. There is one more chance to visit the Frank Erwin center on March 5th (Saturday) for the Texas Women's Basketball final game of the regular season and final game at the Frank Erwin Center.

Coach Vic Schaefer is trying to set a new bar for attendance and will donation $10,000 is there are 10,000 fans at the game. Schaefer commented that only six schools in all of college women's basketball have reached this mark. Texas is creating an event that will be hard to resist coming to.

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Here are photos taken by Don Bender, Horns Illustrated sports photographer before and during the Texas Men's Basketball game against Baylor.

#32 Christian Bishop Slam Dunk Sequence

#5 Devin Askew gets physical against Baylor

Texas Men's Basketball players Timmy Allen, Courtney Ramey, Jase Febres, Marcus Carr playing tough against Baylor.

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