Position Battles to Watch as Fall Camp Gets Underway:

Joe Bergeron running with football.
Joe Bergeron running with football (Photo: Don Bender).

The 2013 season is underway, what with the Longhorns beginning fall camp, and for the first time in three years there is no quarterback battle to argue about. There are, however, other spots to fight for. Let's take a look at some of them.

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Running back - Apologies to Joe Bergeron, but this is a two-man race between Johnathan Gray and Malcolm Brown. Both are former five-star recruits and each has the distinction of having led the team in rushing during their freshman season; Brown in 2011 and Gray in 2012. The loser here won't be relegated to mop-up duty and, unless one really lights the conference by fire, neither will finish with 1,000 yards rushing. Brown has battled with injuries in his two years on campus and only played eight games last season. When he's healthy, he's a balanced runner with strong vision who tends to fall forward to pick up an extra few yards. Gray is quicker and more explosive, with perhaps more versatility in the passing game — although his blitz pickup will need work — who can also moonlight in the Wild formation.

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Slot receiver (Z) - Kendall Sanders is in the lead and likely will start the season here with Marcus Johnson, Bryant Jackson and John Harris a few pegs behind. Also keep an eye on true freshmen Montreal Meander and Jacorey Warrick.  

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