QUARTERBACKS CASE MCCOY AND DAVID ASH SHARE SPOTLIGHTTHE STARTING TEXAS quarterback, people say, is under more scrutiny and stress than the Lone Star State’s governor. The Longhorns’ signal caller — thanks in part to the 24/7 coverage provided by Texas’ very own cable network — stands under the brightest of all spotlights. As the key player to the team’s success and one of the program’s most visible figures, the quarterback faces unrealistic expectations. For the past 11 games, two players shared the spotlight — sophomore David Ash and junior Case McCoy. And head coach Mack Brown stands by his two-quarterback decision. “You need two quarterbacks,” Brown says. “Everybody talks about the guy, and we’ve had that guy. [But when] he gets hurt, we lose the game. We have to put an emphasis on being two-deep and improving in that area.” The quarterbacks are under pressure this season to make a difference. Texas’ defense topped the Big 12 last season and looks to improve in 2012. The Longhorns’ offense includes a pounding running game with three potential superstar backs and a handful of quality receiving threats. The offensive line may be the best line Texas has seen since they played Alabama in the BCS Championship game, following the 2009 season. The quarterback spot remains a question. Both Ash and McCoy encountered bumps....

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