Quinn Ewers has gone to the next level

Football began today and head coach Steve Sarkisian has his first press conference of his third season. The Big 12 Farewell Tour begins this Saturday against Rice.

You have to listen carefully to what head coach Steve Sarkisian says. He speaks factually, but in a story with short snippets of insight.

He actually gives clues like Sherlock Holmes explains away mystery.

Of Ewers, Sarkisian said, “I think Quinn and I have gotten to a really cool space of communication and understanding. I'm able to talk to him about you know little the minutia in plays and in defenses, and things going on and he's worked at it and I think that he's earned that. 

He's earned those conversations and in the end he's applying them and I think as an offense and as a team we're reaping the benefits of that“

Did you hear what Sarkisian said? Ewers has developed to the point where Sarkisian can start to share insight, tips, and fine details. As the pen sharpens for Ewers, the plays and throws should start to take on a more refined look.

Sarkisian recruited Ewers in high school when he was at Alabama, he knows the talent Ewers has. It’s been watching him for several years.

As much as Ewers wanted to play at Texas, Sarkisian wanted to coach Ewers.

Look for the long ball on the opening drive against Rice and for Ewers to throw 290+ yards.

Terry Middleton

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