Red McCombs on Mack Brown’s Future

mccombsTexas’ biggest booster, and loquacious fellow, Red McCombs, predictably sounded off about Mack Brown’s uncertain future.

Though his most quotable line concerned the possibility of luring Alabama head coach Nick Saban to Austin, he also said that Brown should decide his own fate.

"I think that Mack has earned the right to choose whatever he wants to do, whether he wants to stay or he wants to go," McCombs said.

However, if Brown does end up resigning, which many news outlets are predicting to come this Saturday, McCombs has little doubt whether the Longhorns can snatch Saban from Alabama. If that’s the direction they choose to go.

"I don't think there's any question (that Texas can lure Saban),” McCombs said. “All the money that's not in the Vatican is up at UT."

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Here are some more quotes for the very quotable McCombs:

On Brown: "If you can find a reason to get rid of a guy like that, you’d really have to reach."

On Saban: "I think Nick Saban takes a player that’s a good player and he’s capable of making him a great player."

What do you think Longhorn fans? Has Brown earned the right to choose whether he stays or goes? Should the Longhorns make Saban an offer he can’t refuse?


Brian Kendall

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