Sarkisian shares impact fans have on players and coaches

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AUSTIN, Texas - For the final media day of Texas Longhorns spring football, head coach Steve Sarkisian answered our question about what impact the fans have on players and coaches during the game.

In a previous interview we found online, Sarkisian shared on the Dan Patrick show how much of a fan he is of college football. Horns Illustrated wanted to find out how the fans impact the team during the game.

Let's be honest, there is the numbers part of football and sports in general, the stats that are broken down for each game and player, however fans should know they reach the hearts and minds of players and coaches.

Listen in as coach Sarkisian comes alive and shares what it is like when the team runs through the tunnel and onto the field. For Sarkisian, it starts with the bus ride.

As always, we are grateful and appreciative for coach Sarkisian and Texas Athletic for allowing us to engage with players and coaches.

Listen in...

If you have attended a Texas Longhorns football game, you know it is an experience you will not forget. There is a reason Texas is one of the top colliegate programs in the country. It is not be accident. Texas Athletics creates works to create an experience that is unlike any other.

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