Scent of Success: 5 potential Names for the Texas Longhorns Fragrance

he University of Texas fragrance

The University of Texas officials announced a partnership this week with Masik College Fragrances to create an official school fragrance. The company's representatives stated they will meet with students to have them pick the final scent and to celebrate the pungent possibilities, we offer five potential names sure to inspire even the most odorous of fans.

Smells like Team Spirit

Mack Brown loves this cologne and will convince school officials to pump the scent through the air vents at Darrell K Royal- Texas Memorial Stadium. The slogan for Smells like Team Spirit is, "Come early, spray often, smell great." The most defining characteristic of the scent is its zesty note of burnt orange.

Forever Young

The chance to have legendary quarterback Vince Young sponsor the UT fragrance proves to be too much for the Longhorns. The bottle's shape, bearing a likeness to the 2005 BCS Championship trophy, turns heads and roses, naturally, are the fragrance's main ingredient.


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A scent for the rugged man who's not afraid to get his hands dirty, Bevo features a blend of sandalwood oil, leather, and grass that was actually chewed up by the Longhorn mascot himself.

Dirty Sixth

Dirty Sixth represents a scent taken straight from the streets, perfect for the student looking to be the life of the party. The aromatic shades of watered down alcohol, Jimmy John's sandwich bread, and sweat from a passed out frat boy are unforgettable. The working slogan is "Dirty Sixth; you never forget your first shot."

Cat's Meow

Inspired by softball fireball Cat Osterman, the perfume possesses richness and sunny shades of orange blossom mixed with some rosin bag debris. The Lady Longhorn fan can wear Cat's Meow at any occasion and, like Cat Osterman, possess the confidence and charisma necessary to knock out the competition.

James Schleicher

James Schleicher is the publisher of Horns Illustrated magazine. He's also a fifth generation Texan and lifelong Austinite. Follow @HornsIllus twitter to keep up with all things Horns Illustrated.