Senior DE Jackson Jeffcoat Calls Last Season ‘Embarrassing’

Jackson Jeffcoat
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In recent years, the Big 12 has evolved into a conference known for teams that possess high-octane offenses. In the 2012 season, seven schools in the Big 12 averaged over 35 points per contest.

In fact, all of FBS has substituted grind-it-out defensive machismo with high-scoring flamboyance, setting a college football record in 2012 for scoring.

Despite this change in defensive philosophy, senior defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat isn’t prepared to accept touchdown-happy teams putting up high numbers against his defense.

According to the Dallas Morning News, last year the Longhorns allowed over 400 yards per game and surrendered 29.2 points a contest, rating them 72nd in the FBS. No doubt a disappointing season for a team that returned multiple starters and rated as the best defensive team in the Big 12 the three years prior.

“It was definitely embarrassing,” Jeffcoat said. “We worked so hard and things just didn’t go the way you wanted it. So we realized that this year we’re going to do something different. We’re going to get better. As you see the pattern has been from five and seven, to eight games, to nine games and we can get better from there.”

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Injuries limited Jeffcoat to only six games last season, yet he plans on returning to a team with a new-found discipline on the defensive end.

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