photo Don Bender / Horns Illustrated

Steve Sarkisian has hired Gary Patterson

Steve Sarkisian Hires Gary Patterson
photo Don Bender / Horns Illustrated

AUSTIN, Texas — Last month, there was a rumor Texas was looking to hire Gary Patterson, the former TCU head coach. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Texas posted a job to hire a "Special Assistant to the Head Coach."

In the last press conference, Sarkisian was asked about hiring Gary Patterson to which he replied with an answer that gave zero indication that Texas was even looking at Patterson, though Sarkisian expressed high praise and respect for Patterson and the program he build at TCU.

Then, someone spotted Patterson at UT meeting with Sarkisian and Chris Del Conte. To further keep fans on the edge of their seat, during the Texas Men's basketball game against Kansas State on Tuesday evening, Gary Patterson was spotted in the VIP booth with Del Conte and volleyball head coach Jerritt Elliott.  Patterson was wearing a Texas Longhorns official shirt. Social media went bonkers.

However, there has been no official word from Texas saying they have hired Gary Patterson. Normally, in situations like this, Texas will send out an official press release.

As of right now, Texas has NOT sent out an official press release. So, we reached out to Texas and asked if they have filled the position for Special Assistant to the Head Coach? This is their reply.

"We can confirm Coach Sarkisian has hired Gary Patterson on his staff as Special Assistant to the Head Coach."

The official announcement (aka press release) will be coming soon, but in the mean time...welcome Gary Patterson and wife Kelsey Patterson to the Texas Longhorns family. In addition to Patterson's amazing career as a coach, he is a singer/songwriter with a really great song called "Take A Step Back". Gary and Kelsey also have a foundation with the mission of providing equitable educational opportunities for all children.

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